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I believe I found the issue. The maps were labeled as map1, map2, etc. I changed them to Map1, Map2, etc. and that fixed the issue in both the sample project and my testing project. I'll leave my comments up though just in case anyone runs into the same question. 

Hi Archeia!

I've been over the documentation and really tried to make sure I did everything properly but I'm running into the same issue in the sample project. I start a playtest with the sample project provided here and regardless of whether I pick New Game or Continue I receive this error:

And here is the log from the debug console:

This same error occurs when I try to playtest a new project. I know you are very busy so I apologize if this is an error on my part. I don't know if it makes a difference but I do use Linux and run RPG Maker MV through proton on via steam. Thank you for your time!