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the comments section looks like a cemetery 馃拃

Hong Kong and Taiwan are my favorite, independent from China, places <3

It's so cute, I love it!

Kind of spoiler-y I guess:

A great game overall but I can't really make it to the "second ending" - even after I attach the hair to the nails nothing happens - no trapdoor or anything is appearing, so I just have to go on with the "normal ending". Any reason why this would happen? Did I miss something by any chance?

The second story/painting made me cry like a bitch what the hell---

Anyway, this is such a great game <3

very poggers, made me feel uneasy, but I'd love to have Aoi as a friend if she wasn't obsessed with me lmao; everyone is, and looks, so cute which contrasts so much with their personalities. It's amazing <3


I really like the game, especially the "Bad Ending". Those two puzzles where you have to move walls and objects required some thinking, tho. That's a good game I guess. What I like about games like this, is a "disturbing" element (for an example - that ending "Hill 2 complete" that might be a reference to something but idk). Anyway. The graphics are wonderful, sounds fit and are great. Good job (can I even say this? I'm just a commenter, lmao). 

It's soo good! <3

I loved the part of the game I could move and interact in, but many of the doors in the corridor couldn't open, I could only access the Forest Room and the Bed Room. Also, the music didn't change from Fallen Down to something different (like in your video) when entering the "pink bathroom tiles" territory. But a great game nonetheless. I really like games like that, a good game doesn't have to be "full realistic masterpiece"-stuff like to be a good game. Hope your other works will be even better than this one! <3

Damn, those little scares with tall "ghosts", the sounds when you see them - it really sends a chill down one's spine haha!

Bruh, I would've never imagined that I would request a romance route for a horror game, lmao

But please the every aspect of the game is so damn great and the monster is *chefs kiss* 馃ズ

The graphics and the storyline are SOOO GOOD! I love the game and every aspect of it! <3

I read about this experiment.Man, studies about neurology, psychology and other fields that centre around humans and animals were so wild in the 20th century o-O

The soundtrack and the graphics are really neat :)

I bait this couldn't be any more better! This is fin-tastic!

This game was definitely my cup of tea! <3

Such a good game. Loved it wile being scared shitless during the first run at midnight!

One hell of a great game :D

Really, it's just so beautiful! You could literally screenshot any frame there and get a perfect wallpaper. Everything is 11/10

If evil, why hot?? :')

Escaped Chasm communityCreated a new topic Review(?)

The one of the best shorter games I've every played.

Love it, 11/10, wish you best luck. The art is superior.

I really like the palette and how the Demon Man is actually "visible" as a "stranger" person because he was so contrasting to the background.

I know this isn't really a topic, but I just wanted to let you know.


The Handsome Demon Man didn't have to be THAT handsome and well-drawn  -/////-)

I totally love it! The art is so good and the whole game is looking fantastic :D

It's  one hell of a game! One of the best ones I have ever played! <3

But the question - what fonts do you use? I know it's weird and easy one but I'm just interested, they are pretty simple but aren't like Oswald, Calibri or Cambria.