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Such a good game. Loved it wile being scared shitless during the first run at midnight!

One hell of a great game :D

Really, it's just so beautiful! You could literally screenshot any frame there and get a perfect wallpaper. Everything is 11/10

If evil, why hot?? :')

Escaped Chasm community · Created a new topic Review(?)

The one of the best shorter games I've every played.

Love it, 11/10, wish you best luck. The art is superior.

I really like the palette and how the Demon Man is actually "visible" as a "stranger" person because he was so contrasting to the background.

I know this isn't really a topic, but I just wanted to let you know.


The Handsome Demon Man didn't have to be THAT handsome and well-drawn  -/////-)

I totally love it! The art is so good and the whole game is looking fantastic :D

It's  one hell of a game! One of the best ones I have ever played! <3

But the question - what fonts do you use? I know it's weird and easy one but I'm just interested, they are pretty simple but aren't like Oswald, Calibri or Cambria.