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reviewed here in abstract, couldn't find a language for it otherwise.

apologies, will try work in a scaling thing when I update. ty for the heads up. 

I'll take "beyond garbage", now that's a recommendation!! Would love the money to pay someone to do it, maybe that's why I put a price tag on it? You'd be good at feedback if you chilled the fuck out. 

no. nooo. not at alllll! neverr

thank you for playing! I don't know what you mean, I didn't include any video???

effective in its simplicity, strong environmental storytelling.

a moment of warmth. thank you. 

thank you so much!! really love those old sci-fi/mystery dramas so it must have bled through 🍩

thanks!! 🚇

atmospheric architectural puzzlebox. Oma, 2994.

charrrming, thank you for this. Some of my favourite moments have been watching the sea, really takes you there.

bless you, thanks. honoured ♥️

magical! I enjoyed getting lost in the trees and the thoughts of the NPCs were great fun. Turning the music on/off really gave different atmospheres, nice touch. I got v apologetic when I crushed the sandcastle by accident haha, but they didn't seem to mind..

thank you! I'm glad you felt it <3

I really liked the charming 2.5d platforming, but found the 3D first person mode harder to play and just less fun (though a good response to the idea of surprise). I loved the fact that the Truffians could be rotated by your movements in the platforming and think there's a strong game mechanic there. The colour pallete is a bit overwhelming and sickly and the music, though the right tone, could get really annoying if this wasn't a gamejam game. Great stuff though!

Enjoyed the cute design and general idea, though the first three levels are really similar and then the puzzles come in without really setting up how to solve them. Also I can't see a reason for why the cat would feel like it had failed by not hitting the presents with a star. The music made me smile though, merry christmas.