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I never attacked the developer. I expressed my interest in a Linux version of the game by asking for it. Then you came in spewing inaccuracies so I argued with you. Also paying $25 for something that is not physically in my hands might as well be a scam.

Dude, I've only expressed my interest in  Linux support by asking for it. Then you come in spreading misinformation. Developing games for Linux is no different from developing games for Windows if you use a Game Engine or Game Framework. He's not coding the game from scratch. Clearly you don't know what you're talking about. I'm okay with him not compiling the game for Linux, but that doesn't mean that you should get away with spreading misinformation or talking out of your ass.

"The $25 pays for the game, not the platform."

Paying $25 or more to run a game that's not only a Digital Copy of the game but doesn't run natively on any platform is completely unacceptable.

"Developing for multiple platforms is expensive, difficult, and time consuming, especially when a game only has a single developer, and especially for Linux, with all it's different flavours."

∆This is a completely bullshit argument.

1) He used a Commercial Game Engine, using a Commercial Game Engine not only cuts down on the Time and Labour needed to develop the Game but also makes Compilation work relatively easy. Once you get a stable Windows port (in most cases) it's just a matter of recompiling the game again for Linux. It's not like he coded the game from scratch.

2) Expensive? No, that's why he used an Engine. 

3) Yes, there are different flavors of Linux. However it definitely doesn't require recompiling the game over and over again for each Linux Distro. Maybe a Ubuntu and Arch Linux Compilation at most but that's it.

Again, I shouldn't have to pay $25 to run my game through an Emulator or a Compatibility Layer.

Shouldn't have to pay $25 to emulate a game, but yeah I get it. 

Can we please have an Artbook for this game?

DOH! Wrong person! X{

Yes please give us a Linux Version too.

That's good to hear, but at the same time Waaaaahhh!!! :'{

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That's fair but what about TWWR and your other games? Maybe you can make Linux Versions of those.

Can we have a Linux Version too?

Taiji community · Created a new topic Mac and Linux?

Will there be Mac and Linux support?

Will there be Mac and Linux support for this game?

Can we please have a Linux version? I'll fund it on Kickstarter. :'{

I agree 100%.

Thank You, please don't leave us Linux Gamers out!

Can we have Mac and Linux versions please?

Will we be getting this on Mac and Linux too?

Mac and Linux versions?

How did you compile your Love2D Armhf Appimage? I'm trying to compile Love2D for Arm.

Can we please have a Linux version of this game?

Thank You for making this game playable on Linux! I really enjoyed this game I hope you make more works that expand upon this world. I really like the world you've made. 

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Yayy!!! :'}

Wahhh! :'{

Can we get a full game of this? I'd buy it.

Can we have a Linux version too?

At some point can we get a Linux version?

Yeah I can't seem to get it running on my Linux computer.

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Do you know a way to boot up .air files on modern systems?

You need a Paypal account unfortunately.


Tetris is Communist, it was invented in Russia as a board game.

Eventually can we please have a Linux version of Rusted Moss too?

Well a phone attached to a controller should work. I'd probably go for a Twin-Stick control scheme. Also Gaming Phones exist, but yeah Time, Money these are things we don't always have as Adults sadly. Good game though I be waiting for your next game hopefully you guys won't forget about us Linux users. 😊

Ku, also great work on Covert Critter. Thank you for the Linux port and giving Linux some love.

I forgot since you used Clickteam Media Fusion is it possible if you can port this game to Android?

Can you release all your games on Android too? You use Clickteam Media Fusion right?

Question: What Engine or Framework did you use for this? Or is it coded from the ground up?

Can we have this game on Linux too? After it's full release? Good game by the way. Wario is my childhood.

Yes please, I'd also be interested in Linux support.