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on which difficulty? =D

I've finished a small game but I think I'm a beginner but I'm not 100% sure

Thank you! =D

A bit too hard for me but it is a very polished game, and it's an interesting concept too. =

Maybe make each round slightly shorter and maybe make the same round not appear twice in a row but still a great game.  Nice graphics and amazing music =D

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Thank you! I hadn't even considered that to be honest, but maybe =D 

Too hard for me but someone with better gaming skills would enjoy it =D

I really like the animations =D

Thank you, I should probably have balanced the directions the compliments come from a bit more =D

Thank you =D

Thank you =D

I'll try to think about that more next time. =D

Thank you =D

Thx =D

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You have a point... Maybe you are famous and people want you to like them...

Nice =D

Do you think it will come out, or is this a past project? =D

Thank you, I'll try to make a better tutorial next time =D

Ah ok, fair enough

Nice graphics, but I didn't get to see them much. It was a bit too hard for me. =D

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Interesting mechanic. I would recommend using 4 colors that are more similar but apart from that great first game!

I think you can interpret however you want, as long as it makes sort of sense.

You could argue that mining rocks causes "harm" to the rocks.

You could also argue that only living things can be "harmed."

Or you could make a game where u can't breathe because breathing causes less oxygen to be available to others which "harms" them

I will! =D

Do you have discord? 

Im TheFrog#1613

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And it would be great if this cliff was a bit less flat. 

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Amazing work! There is only one thing I'm missing, a piece where two cliffsides meet like this.

This looks amazing! =D The only problem is that the character can only face forward. But apart from that: Amazing!


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Great game!

Fun game!


Det är jag grodan från discord 

vilken game engine använde du