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Really enjoyed Tunche: Arena and looking forward to seeing what Tunche is like. Best of luck with the Kickstarter campaign. Made a short video covering the Kickstarter of Tunche.  

I did a short video review of my experience in Neon Code. I really enjoyed it and I am looking very much forward to seeing what future projects you make. 

My pleasure. Always nice to see fellow South Africans in the gaming industry. I think gaming development deserves a lot more attention by South Africans.

This game shows nice potential. Absolutely loved the art style and the Norse lore is an excellent choice. Had one or two small problems with movement during fighting but I.m sure it will be sorted out through updates. Go back this game on Kickstarter. 

A quick overview I did of the Freja and the False Prophecy Demo:

Looks very interesting,  definitely going to try it out as soon as it's available

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Great game! Check out my video review to get an idea if it's for you!

Absolutely enjoyed the demo and loved the music and amazing art! Really looking forward to see what happens story wise and to  also meet more interesting characters and dive deeper into the lore of the world. Check out my video on the demo!

Loved it. It's really fun and keeps you interested with awesome dialogue options and music. Check out my video of it!

This demo is awesome! I am so excited to see what the game provides in terms of story because so far I am very intrigued. Weapons and upgrade system also looks interesting and gameplay is just phenomenal! Check out my video of playing throuhg the demo: 

It is amazing! Really digging the art style, animations and gameplay. Very excited to see what future updates bring and how the game is further improved