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Wow, you liked my cheese!!! :D

Thanks!!! :)

I still need to find my style. Hope the drawings work for you. I'll be waiting to see. Thanks. :3

Wow, that's pretty cool!. You can use the image and modify it. Be sure to show me the project. I'm really excited. :)

Thank you very much! Show me later how you used it. :)


Thanks! :3


Thank you very much for the ideas and as soon as I can I will add new content. I received your email and replied. Thanks for all support.

Thanks so much for the message. I have only this. Maybe I do some more in the next days, or if you need something specific I can do a commission for you. Just send me an email:

Thanks! :3

I really forgot to put it. Thanks for letting me know. You can use in commercial projects. It is CC 4 license. :)

Answered! :D

Hey! Thanks for message. Send me an email. I'll be waiting. :3

Thank you so much! :)

I thank you for the support. It makes me very happy! :)

Thank you for your support! I believe it has something to do with the itch system. Try to buy again at another time. Thank you again! :D

WOW Thanks a lot! You helped for sure. I didn't know about the "tier" system. :D

The update is for an item that has a custom price. Is there a way in this case? 

Is it possible to use butler for this? Anyway, I'll try to test it. 

Thank you! :D

I'd like to update an asset I've published and add more items for those who purchased the full version. I don't want those who already bought it to have to again. I'm not sure how to resolve this. 

Should I upload the full package using the same name as the previous version? That way people who bought it could download the file without having to buy it again? 

Or do I have to use the butler? (I understand that it is used for games and not for assets, but I could be wrong) 

I'm a little lost on how to solve this, can anyone help me? :)

Hey! Thank you very much! I am very happy to know that you follow my work. Send me an e-mail with your request, depending on what it is I can do it. :D

Thanks! :3

Thanks! That idea would be amazing. :3

Thanks! :3

Thank you!!! :3

I have never used RPG Maker. Will images at a lower resolution not help?

I see. Would splitting the image help you? I can change here and update the package.

Thank you very much! I changed it here. :3

S2 S2 S2

Thank you! :3


Thank you!!! :3

Thanks :) We can talk about it, send me an email,

of course,  share the project that you will use it for me later here in the comments. Sorry for the delay in replying.


Thank you! :)  Feel free to use in your projects or even as a basis for other ideas. You can use this asset in any project you want, commercial or not. 


Hi, thank you so much! Of corse you can use the assets, for both commercial and personal use. :)

Thank you! Sure, depending the type and scope of work, I can help you. Here my e-mail:

Thank You :3