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I beleive he is gone.

I feel like weapons are hard in this game. Here's the problems with the primaries that I have(not including secret ones):

RK-44: All-round great, and that's the problem. No downsides found.

Eagle: Insta kill from mid range? Massive damage from long range? Shotgun? No. Stop.

Defender: Not great because of it's projectiles. Not fair at times, since you can't really avoid it. Can be countered easily, though, making it unfun to play as and against.

"The rest:" not really worth using. eh.

Since this game is hopefully getting grahpically updated I would like to say this:

I know ragdoll mechanics are a big part of the game, but the getting up part is annoying. Swimming is slow and boring, and you would be better off killing yourself. Getting up after falling, getting hit, or reaching land is a stun lock death trap, and I would like to see it reworked or removed. I'd like to see other's opinions on the matter.

Note that I like this game, I just have a small problem with it.

There are a couple of glitches if you need me to report just ask :)

There are a couple of glitches if you need me to report just ask :)

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Pretty neat. Try other search results when you are done.

Level 10 is the end. You don't beat it. I think... O_O

No way. It changes the second time. But the first time is the same for everyone

WHen you quit the game, it says "ARE YOU"

Protip: You can you the mouse to move

same. I got stuck in the ground xD

Wow. Such an abstract concept, yet strangely fun. This is a good game. Get it.

Hey, I don't think this works on the itch app thing.

I think you did increase the speed, but not much. Maybe instead of increased speed while in combat, it is reversed? Units take a long time to get to objectives.

Thanks for reading! Keep up the good work!

does anyone know how to view replies to my comments quickly? Im new to this site.. Also, in KOTh and seige, speed of ai should be buffed

Another problem, which I see is already being fixed. People without mouses can't left and right click at the same time, so they can't really play gladiator, or play the game at all. This can be fixed by just finishing the controls option, but I just want to make that point.

So.. I found a few problems. In KOTH, you cannot tick "FAIR TEAMS," or it just doesn't display. Also, I don't know if this is on purpose, but units walk extremely slowly, even in the set gamemodes like conquest, and KOTH. I've been loving this game, good work!