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Such a fun lil game! Simple yet effective

YOOO this is phenomenal, I haven't explored everything there is to it yet but visually it is STUNNING, the soundtrack is incredible and the whole thing is just soo creative. Really looking forward to the full release as well as other works :D

Even though it's just a simple platformer about a jumping rectangle, it's so charming, smooth and visually pleasing. I really enjoyed it :)

The visuals are absolutely incredible, gotta be one of the most aesthetically pleasing games I've ever played and the storytelling is interesting, had me wondering about the deeper meaning of it. Really looking forward to your next creations!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's truly great to hear that you've accomplished your academic dream and are working on something with a passion. As much as it saddens me that the development of the game has been put on hold, prioritizing your personal life and career is more than reasonable and I wish you the best on your journey. As for VTSOM, it's my absolute favourite game so far and I'll continue supporting it no matter how long it takes to be finished. So take your time, and remember that you have a loyal fanbase here on the internet!

Oh my god. I had JUST finished typing this out and I've found another location which branches out into SO MANY new locations. Thank you for this game lmao

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This game is absolutely incredible. Since the description says it's unfinished, I sure wasn't expecting it to be so expansive and detailed! The dream worlds are so creative and pretty, and connect in such ways that make exploring fun and kinda puzzling at times. The soundtrack is so good, it really does a lot for the atmosphere. But also the sound effects in general, and especially those character noises! Very creative and surreal. The characters themselves are so vibrant and lively. Everything about them just gives them so much personality. It all made me wonder if there's some underlying story between the lines, like I'm really curious about the relationship between August, pink guy and the black n white person. Also I like how literally every single NPC has a dialogue, and some of them even have unique ones depending on which effect you're using. This again shows how crazy the attention to detail in this game is. I could go on and on about it but there's just too much! So yeah, loved this game, can't get enough of its surreal, dreamy atmosphere. I'll be waiting patiently for a new update, but no matter how long it takes I'll definitely play it when it comes out!

I love the use of AI generated art! Along with the eerie, psychedelic (and very diverse) soundtrack it creates a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere. Combined with the beautiful narrative of helping trapped souls move on, it's an amazing and unforgettable experience. Also the dialogues with Charon are so fun and well written!

Tiny game indeed but such a heart-warming story!

great interpretation!

Incredible piece of surreal horror. It has stayed with me somewhere in the back of my mind ever since I played it for the first time. Can't wait to see what the sequel has in store!

Such a beautiful and creative concept! Despite the game being short, I managed to feel connected to the characters and all the endings had me feeling a little emotional. It also did spark some introspection in me. I'll be returning to this one for sure!

Came for the artwork, stayed for literally everything else. The plot is intricate and compelling and the writing is incredibly good. There were some profound emotional and philosophical moments that have really moved me and allowed me to connect with the characters. The puzzles were ridiculously fun and creative, and the soundtrack was so good at some points that i just couldn't focus on the game lol
Totally looking forward to the next chapters and perhaps other original creations!