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Thanks! I’m glad that some of my most entertaining dialog consisted entirely of ellipses. :P

I’m glad you were able to figure it out. I put a full walkthrough on the Gaming Like It’s 1927 post page for the game just in case something like that would happen.

Thanks a lot. It was my first attempt too.

This is pretty impressive for a first game. Nice work with the art.

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This is an adaptation of the first Hardy Boys book, The Tower Treasure. It is a moderately loose adaptation.

You can read the original book here:

Some of the images and text came from that book. The rest of the images were generated using Stable Diffusion 2.1. The rest of the dialog was written by me.

Walkthrough (Contains solutions to puzzles)

Chapter 1

The left motorcycle is missing its key. The right motorcycle is missing gas.

There’s a gas can on the left.

They key is on the right, but it’s way up in a tree. You’ll need something to knock it down.

There’s a stick on the right.

Solution: Pick up the gas can. Use the gas can on the right motorcycle. Pick up the stick. Use the stick on the key. Use the key on the left motorcycle.

Chapter 2

Read the dialog.

Chapter 3

Chet is locked in the trailer to the left. There’s a crumpled piece of paper on the right.

Solution: Read the paper. It gives you a hint of a possible code: 1956 (this is when the Tower Treasure was originally going to enter the public domain). Click on the lock. Enter 1956. The ghost will tell you the correct code: 2023 (this is when The Tower Treasure went into the public domain). Enter that. Note to Speed Runners: Yes, you can just enter 2023 directly to bypass all this.

Chapter 4

More dialog

Chapter 5

There’s a wig on the right and a squad car on the left.

Solution: Pick up the wig. Use the wig on the squad car.

Chapter 6

More dialog

Chapter 7

There’s a broken ticket machine on the right, some graffiti on the left, a gear on the ground, some wires on the pole, and a stick laying across the tracks.

Solution: Pick up the gear. Use the gear on the ticket machine. Pick up the stick. Use the stick on the wires. Use the wires on the ticket machine. The access code for the ticket machine is 1910 (this is when the first Tom Swift book was published. Tom Swift, as well as Nancy Drew, share a universe with the Hardy Boys, though we won’t see Nancy Drew hit the public domain until 2026 at the soonest).

Chapter 8

Look out for that train! More dialog.

Chapter 9

There’s a tower in the background.

Solution: Click on the tower.

Chapter 10

You’re locked in the tower! There’s some graffiti and the loot. What is the combination?

Solution: The graffiti says: “Diamonds”, “Roadster”, and “Cash K”. Use the numbers associated with these three things to unlock the lock: 5, 1, 45 ($45k, get it?), so 5145.

Chapter 11

Everything is nicely resolved… I think. Enjoy the dialog!

Thanks. I just pushed a new version that fixed some bugs.