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Nintendo gave up on the Wii, and you could probably port it as homebrew

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Have you ever thought to bring Iketsuki to the Wii as homebrew?

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Welp...I'm kinda broke, so I guess I can't play the latest version.

Sorry, Patreon and SubscribeStar just aren't options for me right now, and it won't be an option if it's more than $0.00 on Steam.

I'd really like to download this game

I'm gonna be honest, I'm too broke to afford the game at the moment, and the fact that the demo is censored is turning me away from this game entirely.

I wanna know, too

Why does the Wii version not have the convergence pattern?

I mean as homebrew

Hey, indivi...I finally got around to hacking my old Wii, and I noticed how well this could potentially work on the console. Do you think you could ever potentially port this game to the Wii?

It would still be nice. Maybe you can hold a vote?

You know, since there's already an option to give your character a dog dick, why not add an option to give them a dog pussy?

I'm trying to make a personal Steam grid for this game. Do you have any artwork of the game that would make for a good banner?

I can't enter the code for the computer, I'm playing on mobile.

Hey, I have a suggestion: could you give us the option to have Tinkerbell stay naked?

Well I at least have the Android version on my phone.

I was running the Linux version, and I followed the instructions in the file.

Could you please port it to Linux, then?

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04. It's just Ubuntu 20.04 preloaded with Budgie as the DE.

Exactly what the title says. When run in Wine, none of the graphics load. Please develop a standalone Linux port.

No graphics in Wine. Please create a standalone Linux port.

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Reference Error

s is not defined

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I tried with and without the desktop app, marked to run as program yet won't launch, not even through the desktop app.

Ubuntu Unity 20.04.3 LTS.

Edit: Found the solution for Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa:i386 libxcursor1:i386

Now I'm coming across an entirely new problem: the buttons on my trackpad completely stop working when the game is running, requiring me to perform an emergency shutdown.