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I wish it would be easy as that to get more views on youtube, xD.

buubah, why is it called 5 second rule?

Nice job! :P

Nice, but slow(game runs slow)

I need help, superpowers keeps telling me " Could not download hostname:port/superpowers.json" Does any body know how to fix it?

He used melonJs

thanks for letting me know

Your game, all your content (i.e. Art, Music, Sound, etc) must be created in a week.

It was a typo of mine to put 48hr sorry.

How long did it take you to make this game!?

It is pretty cool game.xD!

Nice Game

GG, I Like the feel of the game.

Good Game especially for being your "FIRST GAME EVER."Think of adding more creatures and animals.

You Can do Anything about YouTube.


check my 2-player on one keyboard game.BtB.

2player, Red vs Blue, game.Each Player can not touch each others block but you can touch your blocks.If the other player touches your block they die and you get a point.The point of this game is to block the other player with out touching his/her blocks so he/she has no where else to go and touch your block, but you can play the games how ever you want.

Nice Game 5/5.

great retro dream on how space inavder should be.

#IndieJam community · Created a new topic Theme is Youtube

Before the jam starts I let everyone know what the theme is.

Red and Blue have different pros and cons.its up to you to find all of the and choose which is right for you.

Away I like to play the game is by creating forts so I can stay save in.

Blue may do so to and we would try to enter each others fort.