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yes! The next space is where a lot of the floor is cut away and you walk on an elevated path. That's where I get stuck.

i love mothboy


this is GREAT

this is a GREAT game and i love the colors in this application!!

i love these! i would never guess you felt they were not your best work, they're both beautiful.

this is SO good!

i'm getting stuck! it's the screen where you're in the "office" setting, and you examine the thing that turns into a door. through that door, i'm on an area where i can't leave! there's a path that looks like it should work but it doesn't.

this is FUN. i'm not good at it

i love them too!

this is SO cool

this pdf is BLOWING MY MIND. so cool

hi neuron! i'd love a non watermarked version to use in the zine. (i'll credit and link to everyone's work from the zine!) could you email it to me?

these are BEAUTIFUL

you did great!!

wow i love him

i love them! little guys!

very beautiful


these are just so great

oh my gosh, the color NAMES are amazing!

this is really beautifully made and thoughtful

gorgeous stuff

ohhh!!! yes!! that is a big help, thank you!

thank you everyone for the fs in chat. my computer SEEMS okay, i'm on it right now! i'm going to let it dry for another day or two just to be sure. enjoy the extra time!!!

My cat just tipped a full beverage into my laptop. I was bummed to think I might not submit to the jam in time, then remembered I can just change the date. The jam will run for an extra week.


hi alex! i love mouse house and it's a great project. i'm having a problem, though, and it could be me doing something wrong or it could be a bug.

i can't ever get the message about substrate/bedding to go away. i have the maximum amount the game allows, so there's literally no more bedding i can add! am i missing something?

loving these items so far! i'm working on a SECRET but here's one of my pieces

just libraries you're invoking in your code, right? that seems fine to me. unless it's like, proprietary libraries because you work at google haha

nice nice yes! thank you

I'm so glad you like the jam! Depending how it turns out, I'd love to host another jam. I always have ideas, ahaha.

Black or white text seems fine! And good for readability.

hi henry! there's no game file(s) uploaded.

great question btw, thank you for asking!

yes!! you're welcome to make whatever you want. flat art, animation, games, graphic design like a colorful layout of a poem or something. whatever you want to do! the colors are the only thing. also, when you submit, it will ask if you want to be included in a zine -- if you're making a game, that will mean i use screenshots or something like that, or feel free to share separate character art files or whatever else you might want included.

I'm not sure yet what I want to make for the jam, but I'll likely do some pixel art sketches with the colors while I think about it. If you do the same thing, I'd love to see some of the non-submission pieces. Here's a quick animation I just made for one of my little games with three of the colors.

the only theme is using the four colors. besides that, whatever you want!

no, but feel free to post here!

just black or white please!