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this is a really cool idea and implementation of it! i like it a lot

this is neat!!! i found nessie

this is so neat!

this art and design are absolutely beautiful -- kudos to your team!

i love this. great idea

This is such wonderful news!!

i'm enjoying looking at submissions -- i would love to see a lot more people share "screenshots" (for TTRPGs that's just pages) so that i can see what i might be getting into, and descriptions that are a bit more filled out. what's the nature of your game, your asset, etc.? it doesn't feel good to download stuff with no idea what it will be, so i usually don't do that.

this is SO beautiful

i made a constructive critique on the game page but wanted to say here, too, that you both did a great job!

i love this art!! and i love the idea, but it's unplayably difficult for me as it is. if you turned the ball speed down by like 50% and the mineral drop speed UP about 50% i think that would help a lot. it sounds like it was a rush to get done and i get that!! great job nonetheless.

hi the beast! if you click the question mark it shows you a quick tutorial. it's a take on kinda the game "mastermind," where you have to find the right combination of things. so you use logic to reorder things until you get it right, and the goal is to do that in as few "arrests" as possible.

omg i love anime sprite poirot

omg i love anime sprite poirot

i love this!!!

i love this!!!

i love my grandma caterina

i love my grandma caterina

this is CUTE, i liked it!!

this is CUTE, i liked it!!

i love the art and all the information you dug into and how much of a passion project it became! that's so great.

i love the art and all the information you dug into and how much of a passion project it became! that's so great.

this is such a great idea!!! i like it a lot. great job.

this is such a great idea!!! i like it a lot. great job.

i'll do that right now! thank you!

hi! i just want to say, there will always be more jams where you can submit and get feedback. it seems great to me that you felt motivated by this jam to just keep sitting down and writing. that is hard, and a lot of people never do it.

i wanted to suggest a name kernel, since casting can also mean going backward or forward. Casting Our Eyes to the Sky. Facing Forward, Casting Back. if you have particular words or phrases you like, try site searching Project Gutenberg to see if anything catches your eye. i just searched "cast" in a book i already have open haha (i swear i don't work for them) and here are some examples

  • forecasts his future to any considerable extent
  • cast about for some little-known similar piece
  •  cast in more pleasant places
  • cast out of Mary Magdalene 
  • forecast its occurrence in our world as we foretell eclipses and transits of Venus
  • introduce them broadcast, sowing them by our waysides
  • The pale cast of thought sicklies over everything.

here are some of my favorite book titles in this vibe, in case they inspire you

  • How High We Go in the Dark
  • How Far the Light Reaches
  • The Book of Strange New Things
  • Future Home of the Living God
  • The Scourge Between Stars
  • Living with a Wild God
  • The World Cannot Give
  • A History of Wild Places
  • Hazards of Time Travel
  • To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
  • Cage of Stars
  • A Beginning at the End
  • The Man Without a Shadow
  • Before and Again
  • The Sense of an Ending
  • Madhouse at the End of the Earth
  • Self Portrait with Nothing

this is the kind of thing that helps me get my brain going, so no offense taken at all if it's not right for you. but also, aren't those titles great? i'm confident you can come up with something you really love too.

hi everyone! download the game for free here:

hi everyone! download the game for free here:

oh my gosh, i'm delighted to think she isn't! who can she be!!! how interesting. also, you do the absolute best scary smiles.

wonderful!! omg, the realtor lady. nightmare stuff.

i finished reading and went to check mastodon and the first post on my timeline there says:

"The house will endure despite having its heart cut out. Its influence will seep out of the soil for generations."

i feel like the house is looking at my browser!

this is really neat! great concept.

phillip, i don't know if you'll see this, but i think this game is wonderful. it sounds like you were running yourself a little too hot and burned out. but this is a cute little game that i really enjoy!

this is so fun and stylish. i would love a version for download! my browser struggles a bit with it haha


yes! The next space is where a lot of the floor is cut away and you walk on an elevated path. That's where I get stuck.

i love mothboy


this is GREAT

this is a GREAT game and i love the colors in this application!!

i love these! i would never guess you felt they were not your best work, they're both beautiful.

this is SO good!