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I have a very specific odd question. The game I'm making right now has been entirely concepted and created since the Game Jam started, I even decided I wouldn't use any of my past assets and go for a very stylized look for this project in specific, and doing some of the development on a dev stream. However, there is one thing I want to use from my past that I'm a bit worried about, so I wanted to ask about. Years ago, there was a made-up word I really liked I wanted to use for a project, but I never ended up making that project. The game I'm making now does not resemble that project even a little bit, but I want to use the made-up word I made years ago as the title for this game, because I really like the made-up word.

Is it an issue if the project was entirely concepted and made since the Game Jam started, but I'm using a scrapped name for the game I came up with years ago? I'm a little worried since I had at one point publicly talked about the name of the project in question, but it never ended up going anywhere, and the project I'm currently working on doesn't pull anything from that past project outside of the name. Would that be okay?

It is out now!

No, it shouldn't be. My guess though from having some experience, maybe an anti-virus program is reading some coding the game does as malicious and is closing the game. Try pausing it or allowing the game and see if it persists, I'll place a bet now this is the issue.

My prediction is the game will be around 1-2 hours long, but I also may be underestimating it knowing me (I predicted for example CYE was around a 60-90 minute game and Red Haze was a 5-6 hour game to experience everything).

Yes there is, just need to compact it in an easy Linux format and distribute here which I'll look into right now.

I only just learned about this game, both the original Saturn game and your remake. I wish I knew about it sooner, I woul've supported you guys.