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Yeah I could make that possible. I will try to round to it whenever I can but at the moment I am busy with other stuff. Thanks so much for the support! <3 

yeah. The movement controls are not for everyone. Maybe I just got used to it fast with the constant game testing. I appreciate the criticism and your time for playing it. Hope you got to complete it. 

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, having to restart over isn't the best game choice.  I thought there was a small amount of levels and only 20 seconds per level so I felt that it wasn't a terrible idea for a game jam game. I hope you completed it though :D 

This is a fast paced action plat former where you have 20 seconds to complete each level. This was made for the yoyo games gm20 game jam. Very work in progress but I am happy with my over all final outcome. 

You cannot shoot while sprinting.


W, A, S, D for movement.

Space bar for jumping.

Left Shift for sprinting. 

Arrow keys for shooting.

R to restart at any time.

Have fun, and thank you for playing my game and remember to sprint a lot!