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when trying to launch the game through mac it just opens the game folder and looking through it, it is incapable of launching because its only a .exe file please fix?

dont assume next time idiot

Game doesnt work on mac  it just opens the game folder and its a .exe file anyways so it wont launch on mac

This game is way fun and very simple with very simple design i love ps1 kind of graphics my only problem is that its a bit too easy unless thats what you were going for (which i highly doubt) i think a way to make it a little harder would be to seperate part of the text so it would be harder to gather all the information and respond also give more options so its harder to find the right response that would increse the difficult way more in my opinion but other than the difficulty i like this game can be very addicting perhaps.

Its advertised for mac but when i donload and check the files as to why it isnt downloading it downloaded the windows version can you fix this or make each download seperate for each platform, thanks

It seems the game doesnt work on catalina fix this please if you want

The game doesnt work on macOS i looked into the game files on why it didnt launch and it turned out that it downloaded the windows version for some reason and i clearly hit the download macOS version, fix this please?

I couldnt describe it better than you just did

Unfortunately the mac version doesnt work ;c

Its a good and simple game despite the fact that its gives you a grand ball seizure also though it can indeed be an addictive game and a test on reflexes it leaves me taking breaks all the time from all the flashing colors and im not even epileptic!

This game is good the difficulty and the mechanics contrast well the feeling when you win a level is just sp satisfying the simplicity of the graphic and music are good for anyone on a device with poor performance also i think this game would have a gret port to ios and android if given the opportunity!

The regular version couldnt be launched at all, and the CPU version launched but i kept on moving backwards for some odd reason (this is for mac osx) and the mouse isnt bound t o the window but the concept and some of art i saw was really cool!