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It's been ages since I made this game but if I recall correctly, Leona is found elsewhere.... Don't worry about it uwu sorry late reply.

A physical release indeed happened after all. Get yours before they're out of stock!  uwu

You need a certain character in your party to recruit squish. Other than that, I don't think there was a particular way to cheer her up. Polly appears briefly in a tower only accessible in new game plus. She cannot be recruited. It's been a while since i worked on this game, I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

it's been a while since i've touched this game and i'm not really sure what you mean. I think you should go explore other areas.

Machine Cave physical cartridge release is now available! Get it from Mega Cat Studios!

i'm not quite sure which area you mean but if you don't want to lose frog girl, there's ways to remove her from party temporarily. You can also finish the game without doing the parts where you might lose her.

If I recall correctly, complete old town ruins quest line. You need Brenda in your party... or you can use super secret debug tools :)

New version 1.19 has slightly changed water mine layouts, adjusted title palette change timing and bombs now make explosion sound if they hit ground.

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Version 1.16 had a tiny little error in it's code, so I made some changes. This new version 1.18 has another revised map, a door skip was fixed and the title screen changes color now!

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A slightly updated version, 1.16 is now available. A map layout was reworked to allow easier backtracking and make those 3 screens more interesting. Also, a physical release of Machine Cave is in the works!

I have no such plans...

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Yeees... It took me about 3-4 months to make everything. I had to learn a lot of new things from tutorials and nesdev wiki online. I wanted to make more content but writing the game in C limited me to using small cartridge types. I'm quite proud of how well I optimized and structured the program code. Some of the program code is 3rd party, such as the audio engine.


This game was written in C and compiled for the NES using cc65. The sound was made with FamiTracker and graphics with NES Screen Tool.