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Very fun game pretty easy to get a handle on and the puzzles are fairly simple but complex like finding the cigarettes

had me stumped for a bit. I absolutely loved the "No thanks, I'm vegan" monster lol.

Been thinking about going into business glad I got a sim to teach me all about it

It was a nice experince i enjoyed the sound, visuals only thing that was "bad" was the monster but I understand it wont be perfect since it was made in such a short time overall enjoyable game 

Skip To 21:12 for Samhainophobia

Pretty fun game for a nice short experience and decently scary

Skip to 15:27 for I Need To Pee

Amazing game the art and characters were amazing along with the characters such a unique experience loved it


Made to night 46 so far and I really like this game its insanely fun to play i'll be watching for the next update if u make on

I had a pretty great time playing the music is very good along with the story along with finding the endings 

I had sm fun playing this trying to get a hitless run was a really fun challenge hope you add more levels to this game but if you its fine overall enjoyable experience 

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This was a really enjoyable game the music and art were all great and the story building was pretty amazing too I enjoyed the character dynamics even tho you don't see much it really feels like you're thrust into an already established world which I really enjoyed

really enjoyed

I liked the game a lot like pt but I like the added game features especially

having to hide

Pretty good game love how all your games I've played close at the jumpscare lol game also gives off old creepypasta vibes

Really enjoyed this game i love vhs style games so this was pretty fun playthrough along with finding the letters left behind 

Had a great time playing the horror and jump scares along with the atmosphere building the suspense great game 

I really liked the game gave me a nice nostalgia trip to when the first FNAF came out the game had the perfect difficulty hard enough that it was fun and challenging but not to the point where I wanted to quit along with the story and animatronics i really liked this game 9/10

Really enjoyed smashing office desks and chairs really liked it

Really fun I liked the art style and story a lot

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i just finished the game wanted to say this is such a good game the music, the cutscenes, characters and story is so good u made a great game

Ive only played the first 2 chapters so far and I'm loving the game 10/10 so far

Honestly i really enjoyed this game from start to finish and it had a pretty unique concept just riding home on a bike nice job 

God this game is genuinely really scary my heart has never beat so fast in my life great game loved the visuals of this game

Praise the Capybara!

wow such amazing fan art

A short but spooky game the watching eyes and how you're all alone in the middle of nowhere really builds the atmosphere but as a good farmer I will always feed my pig

OH ALSO the food everywhere was hilarious to me

I liked the game a lot gave me a pretty good scare, in the beginning,

tho it could be improved on a bit here and there but the way that creature hides behind corners freaked me out for a good bit lol nice job


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Honestly really liked this demo even though basically nothing really happens the suspense that it builds is amazing. the Unknown voice really commands a sense of fear, I can see hints of it playing with the fact if our protag is fully healed or not, and if the events are all happening in his head I'm looking forward to when the full game gets released .

Actually really liked this game its a slow burn but it's super atmospheric