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Absolutely gorgeous. Its magical and made me feel so much. The prose is beautiful and so vividly real that I felt like you reached directly into my childhood and pulled this out. I remember those hot nights when it hadn't rained in months, I remember packing my bag with adventurer's gear and sneaking out into the night, exploring old buildings, looking for magic, not wanting to be a girl, trying not to be afraid of the dark. Everything that went into this, the art, the music, the story, is so well done. Just beautiful.

This was really a surprise to me as someone who has always gotten Gryffindor on every test but here I got slytherin primary and hufflepuff secondary, (turns out I just model Gryffindor) it totally makes sense though! I really resonated with these explanations! Awesome quiz!

I love this! The eerie simplicity and suspense and some damn horrifying imagery! But I was wondering how many possible endings there are? Is there any way to save Maryam?