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Apparently, "forgetting" to lock the door and arm the alarm... and lying to the game, gives an opportunity to just walk out. Also, I'm surprised the meathooks couldn't have been used to cut the alarm wire.

Cool, u also think of accessibility :)

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Glad you are ok (I downloaded the room of death game and was wondering if there was a back to main menu without hitting Esc or Alt + F4)

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The music will play for a few minutes unattended, also, there should be a faster way back to the main room

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There is a thin corner, but not enough to get across... but if you leave the game running after you begin falling, there is a second part to the song :) (and there appears to be faint birds, glitching in and out)

Update: swiping with 2 fingers partially  works

Awesome, tho swiping on mobile only splits orb, rotate doesn't work yet.