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The jumpscare got me real good as I didn't expect any chasing or jumpscares, nearly made my girlfriend poop herself. That said, cleared it with only 1 death.

Great work, keep it up! :)

I really liked it, can't imagine it being any more than this despite it being a demo.. The Alice across the hallway reminded me of the traumatizing Sleepaway Camp ending.. Got the feeling this was inspired by P.T. :P

Great work, I had fun!

It was a fun little time, but I got stuck at trying to pick up the access card.. Couldn't get it no matter how many times I mashed E..

Went through both easy and normal ending, the story was rather interesting and funny game over scene. The bad things that I've got to mention is the very loud music playing when something happens and it's extremely dark even with curtains closed. That said, good job on the game. :)

Streamed your game a while ago and I really enjoyed it, wasn't expecting it to be super duper short, but I liked the style and gameplay of it! :D

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To be honest, the game is okay, but the sounds are super spooky. Great job overall!

Here's my little gameplay of it

It's literally one of my favorite games now, thanks for making it!