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I was mildly aware that some choices gave other responses, but now I feel as though I've missed on a lot more than I first thought... I'll have to try and discover them all!

And I haven't checked out the Fan Book yet, but I certainly will now. Thank you!

First of all; I have to confess that I'm still rather new to this Otome genre. After I properly finished my very first Otome game, I just needed to look for other (possibly better) games like that one, and that's how I came across Halloween Otome. Or rather, it was the only one that really caught my attention as soon as I found it. And let me tell you, it was soooooo worth it.

Before I start with my opinion on the different routes, I'd like to point out that the plot was absolutely brilliant and unique in its own way. It's really different to the usual storylines most Otome games tend to follow (I've read quite a few while searching for a game that might catch my interest) and that was probably one of the main reasons why I initially decided to give this game a try. The music was beautiful, and I'd often take a moment to enjoy the different soundtracks while playing. The art as well was just perfect in general. Just like with the music, I often found myself staring at the different "CGs" during special moments because they really made those moments magical.

When I started the game, the first one that caught my attention was Mr. Wolf. He was so adorable and my heart actually melted more times than I could count because of him. However, since I pretty much assumed that he would be my favourite, I chose to start with The Count's route instead.... Only to realise that I had been wrong to think that he (and even Mr. Bandages) probably wouldn't top Mr. Wolf's route. And so at the end of The Count's route, I was sooo wonderfully surprised (and sad that it had ended) that I honestly wondered how the others could be better than that, because I suddenly realised that he (and not Mr. Wolf) was in fact, exactly my "type" – I have a soft spot for the silently suffering type. In the end, I was a little annoyed with myself for actually picking his route first. Hmpf.

Either way, I couldn't get enough of the game, so I moved on to Mr. Wolf's route. If I was initially curious about his route in particular, my curiosity only grew after I finished The Count's route and I started to wonder if his was, if not better, at least as enjoyable as the Count's. And as expected, Mr. Wolf was exactly the cutie pie I imagined him to be, and I melted into a puddle various times. However, his route wasn't exactly the rollercoaster of feels I had hoped to embark on. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had tried his before The Count's, but then again, if I had known the Count would be my favourite, I would have kept him as last.

Finally, I did Mr. Bandage's route. Until then, I wasn't very interested in it because I've never really been one for jerk-types. I expected it to be cute like Mr. Wolf's, but once again, the game took me by surprise. Of the three routes, this one was by far the most hilarious one. I enjoyed it so much. I laughed at my screen quite a few times, enjoying everything, from Kira's (the name I chose for her) and Landon's constant bickering and their witty comebacks to the cuteness overload that resulted from Landon not knowing how to deal with the sudden feelings he has for her (Also, A+ for that moment on/in the lake).

All in all, the game was absolutely amazing and has set the bar really high for the next Otome games I will be/am discovering. Of course, I really wish it had been longer, but then it might as well be the only game I do not mind playing over and over again, simply because it really is that great and was much better than anything I had initially expected. In short (after this terribly long comment), thank you for this wonderful game.