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Yoo, the level design is soooo gooood. I can’t really pin down what exactly I liked about the level design, but it just felt really well-crafted.

As others have mentioned, tile collision is a bit rough. How we fixed this for Jank Jumper was using edge colliders for the tiles, and box colliders for the player, if that helps at all.

Either way, I really enjoyed this game, and if you were to build upon it even further I bet it’d turn out really well.

Thanks so much for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!

The first issue with the indicator is actually not present in the native version (at least the Linux one), for some reason, so downloading a binary should work, I think? The other indicator issue is something that we should probably fix if we make new versions, though.

And as a self-proclaimed Jankman advocate, I say you should also play as Jankman. :)