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Ahhh, I just finished the new demo and really enjoyed it! I see that the routes changed from six to four (which is still cool and a good number!). I'm guessing that Midnight, TwinTails, and Striker are still a route. I'm not sure about Holly, because Rex was also giving me major route vibes too.


Loved the demo. I already feel more connected to most of the group in this game compared to my initial impressions in the first and am excited to see where their stories go, so I'll leave some thoughts below because I love to 

I'm probably most curious about Rhapsody at the moment, and why they stopped playing the game.  It might be that they just got burnt out (which is understandable), but I'm wondering if their disappearance from the competition side of things had to do with their "silent friend".  I'm curious about Domino too because I can see his storyline running parallel to the MC's in the first game with issues with pessimism and self-deprivation, I think it would be hilarious they did point that out to him if we ever run into the old MC again. I think it's cool that he seems to be more aware of the MC's choices too (I saw that in the demo where he called me out on not normally being gutsy and that one screenshot on Steam with them silhouetted) than some of the other cast. I'm curious how Jynx got to know Naomi, I half wonder if they met through her online community and Naomi taught Jynx how to modify/repair the games. Locksley looks and kind of acts like Ashley in his mannerisms, I saw her 'how art thou' line in the first game and I about lost it. If these two aren't related in some way, I'll flip a table. I'm wondering if there will be some kind of dynamic between Grace and Blitz where they foster something beyond animosity, because while the guy is a butthole who needs to tone it down from a 12 to an 8, he did bring up some valid points about the game the npcs needing to be marked as essential. He struck me as one of the more redeemable members of their quartet beyond the friendly rival.

I don't have more than that right know, if I have any more ideas I'll slide them in at a later point. Also, I'm not sure if this would be a helpful a suggestion, but I saw below that someone said something about height being jarring. I'm not sure if the option could be implemented to turn off the MC's avatar so that they'd be freer to imagine what they would look like without it cutting into the narrative or needing to add sprites.

Anyway, can't wait to see the full game!

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Hello! I just wanted to leave some thoughts. To start though, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your demo and hope your game gets funded on the kickstarter. 

Now, are just some ramblings over my thoughts after finishing what part of the narrative was available. I'm leaving these here to see how wrong I am after seeing the entire thing. ;)

I'm assuming the MC that we choose doesn't have a default appearance besides with what we see with their generic avatar (meaning we can kind of shape their appearance outside the game on our own). If so, I'll feel a little better romancing multiple characters because I can insert a different one depending on the playthrough,  it's nothing against you guys if this isn't so, I'm just weird like this and I'll still buy the final game regardless because I'm sure curious where this story is going. 馃槄

I'm going to guess Midnight is going to be my favorite route, or possibly Parker because I'm putty for characters who are kind. I was going to guess that Parker was Striker's ex-partner, but the more I thought about it I don't think that stacks up in the long run of narrative arc (unless he's a really big troll - and if so, you got me parker, you really got me). Then my thought's turned over to the F!Noob, then that might seem like a more likely outcome with her, where she had pretended to be a guy because it's easier to accept that you got your ass kicked by another dude then some random girl especially in an online competitive setting - or maybe Rex was HollyDay all long (edit: after finishing Midnight's route, I don't think Holly could possibly be Rex). I don't know, my mind is spinning this thing a lot of different ways. I'm assuming Midnight is connected to this game on a deeper level than any of the characters realize, like he's part of the Dev team or some kind of field agent to make sure things don't get too out of hand on the field, which would really be catastrophic if you think about what he has to loose if you're on his route. Also, I'm sure curious out Tail's sister, I'm assuming from the tone of the narrative that she's either dead or has some kind of condition where she's not likely to recover from (i.e. cancer) and this probably going be her last match unless you're on her route.  I don't know enough about about Striker or Holly to get a feel for where their stories might be going. 

Thanks for the interesting VN!! Can't wait to see what your team does in the future. <3