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Hey thank's a lot for the feedback, really appreciated :). 

The project has been on a break for quite some time now but it will resume eventually. 

I redownloaded the Win64 version from another computer and the climbing ladder works as intended for me. Did you customize the input by any chance? 

Anyway thank you for trying out the demo ! 

Oh sweet a new side view asset pack, are you currently working on others side views or are you back to top down assets? Anyway it's always a pleasure when you release a new asset.

Glad to see you're having a blast using Kronbit Pixel Fx Designer Tool. If I may just suggest something however, all the animations you've created so far are pretty common and are easily reproduced if you own the tool. If you were to create something original I'm sure a lot of people would get interested. For example I've been looking everywhere for magic circles in pixel art style that would appear on the floor (when you cast a spell for example). Of course that's just my opinion but I thought you'd like to know what people might think of your work. Cheers

Oh boy I can't wait to try these out, but are they gluten free though?

Really Good work, I hope you keep making these quality assets! Cheers

I'm not interested in top-down assets but damn, this looks really good. It actually looks to good to be free. I wish wish you'd also produce some view side content though ^^

Oh thank you very much, that's very kind of you. Yes the email with Ludovic is the correct one.

Hello, I purchased this pack a few hours ago but I didn't read the full description properly and only got the tilesets for 3 dollars. This is totally my fault as I should have paid more attention. What I was interested about though were the backgrounds and now I can't find a way to get them without paying the full 5 dollars. Would you care to help me with my issue?

I can see the download link on the main Gothicvania bridge page but not on this add on page. My email is

Thank you for checking that out

Nice work! Thank you for the add on but it seems that I am unable to download it from this page. I bought the GothicVania bridge art pack when it was in that huge bundle about a year ago. Now I only see the option to buy the same pack again for 15 USD and not to download it.

Hello, That's some really nice work indeed. I think some of the green leaves we can see in the preview pictures are missing though. The ones under the ground level with a darker tone. Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck

"The Java RunTime Environment (commonly called JRE) at the time had a nasty habit of bundling toolbars and other spyware/malware crap alongside the install"

I stopped reading at that point. I thought a good argumentation was gonna follow that but you lost all credibility with that line

Hey nice work. I have to say I downloaded mainly out of curiosity and I am surprised in a pretty good way. In my honest opinion you should put more animated gifs or a video preview of the work you've done because the static images do not reflect the quality of the overall asset. Also the archer death animation (enemy 5) is missing in the PNG folder. It appears correctly in the .psd file but were probably not exported correctly (there are blank images for me instead). 

Great work. I like your reactivity for the branches. It really changes a lot in terms of level design possibility. Cheers

That is great for a first animation pack. I'd like to see more of your work and I can't wait for you to realse more assets as you progress in pixel art. Good luck

Excellent. I am so glad I waited instead of buying them one by one on gamedevmarket, I love every asset you release. Please continue making those, your art is really great!