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Hey Noé! I've been watching your streams for a while, and I thought it was finally time to check your minigame out after I got it from the Racial Justice bundle. Given the premise of taking on a predatory corporation (seriously, fuck capitalism) and the really addicting, fast-paced gameplay, I was hooked and even made it to Floor 16 in my first day.

That said, I do have a bit of constructive criticism: the game is both a bit easy and at the same time you run out of mods to purchase FAST. Generally, I would nerf the money bonuses from the Close Call, Last Second, and Stealth Infection mods. Speaking of the Stealth Infection mod, was it intentional or a bug that it applies even when you don't successfully clear the floor. Either way, I would rebalance it so that functions like the other money bonus mods, only on floor completion. In addition, maybe add a new floor security upgrade that increases the amount of nodes the player needs to infect.

When I made it to Floor 16, I only had two more mods left to purchase, which would negatively impact the top floors of Money'Surance as there's nothing left to buy, and thus less risk of falling into the negative. It;s your game, so I don't wanna be an ass and play backseat-developer, but I brainstormed five different mod ideas that you could potentially add. Feel free to ignore/rebalance them to whatever you think is best.

Exchange (counterpart to Trade): If you run out of actions, gain 1 action at the cost of 2s

Blitz (counterpart to Last Second): Given a bonus $ if you clear a floor with over 60% time remaining

Access Granted: Blocks the next floor security upgrade, only works once

Last Ditch: If you run out of actions and time, one remaining node is automatically infected

Clearance: Increases the time gained by infecting the security node by 5s

Otherwise, you're hacking minigame is really, really well made and well thought out and has a lot of strategic depth! I know you'll do great on your development of your fishing minigame!

PS: There's a bug with the first Penalty for Remaining Nodes floor security upgrade. It says that the penalty has increases to $75 in the warning message, but the floor preview screen and the game itself penalize $50.