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Jannik wants to complete this game before he moves onto the modern spinoff, And judging by the Progress List he posted on twitter, It may take a while.

Yeah, the Mac version is bugged for some reason. Jannik will fix it in the latest upcoming update, so please be patient :)

Thanks for reading them! I'll keep trying to catch pesky bugs/glitches in the stable and experimental builds of the game. Also, I hope you graduate this year. High school can be rough. :)

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Some ideas I think would be cool additions to the game :D

Placeable Spawners that spawn certain amounts of troops over intervals of time, but cannot exceed a maximum count of active units already spawned by it. The troops that spawn, the amount of time needed to spawn them, and the maximum amount of active units from each Spawner can be customized by the Player in custom battles. This could result in longer battles and can be used for creating separate waves of attacking units, reinforcements for when battles get difficult, a constant force of attackers and other miscellaneous purposes that the Player can create.

More Randomness in the Random Battle gamemode. At the moment it always follows the same algorithm when generating a random battle(outnumber the player and its forces). Also, the objective of EVERY random battle is to reach the end point. perhaps an intense King VS King battle or a Deathmatch massacre randomly decided by the game?

Custom Units for Custom Battle. Perhaps the player wants to lead an army of pitchfork-wielding Vikings with ight armor, or a squad of unarmored fire swordsmen? The Player would be able to create and save their own combinations of equipment for NPC units, which would inspire further creativity in battle!

JNI will create a modern spinoff of Ancient Warfare. Once Ancient Warfare 2 is finished, he'll begin working on it, and trust me, there will be a lot of guns. Goblins and Dragons sound awesome though!

Oh, I wasn't aware. Sorry for bothering you.

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Idea: Downloadable player-made levels and bundles. Sharing and playing epic battles made by other players would be awesome!

Loving the new update 3! Especially the new King of the Hill settings and the Lords, they're awesome!

The only things I don't really like about this game is the clunky combat. With most melee weapons, you need to go straight into the enemies face to even use it. Plus, Pikes are overpowered. They have a long range for a melee weapon and they deal a lot of damage.

That's actually a good idea.

Thank you so much JNI! Can't wait for the upcoming update, I love this game :3

This game is pretty enjoyable :D. Apart from the occasional bugs, Its pretty neat and has some potential. JNI, If you dont mind me asking, where did you get the music for this game? There is one music track that is SIMPLY ORGASMIC to my ears and I would love to know where to find it

Oh, and here are some bugs I found.

1. Sometimes, when you delete a Mortar, the person that uses it stays there, Its undeletable but it does not appear in the actual battle or when you return to the Editor from the battle.

2. Sometimes, when a battle takes longer than 1-3 minutes, Mortar shells create a massive lag spike upon exploding for no reason, even when they hit absolutely nothing.

3. When watching a battle (Without placing the Player), the dead NPC models disappear upon getting close to them.

4. Sometimes, when NPCs are approaching a Wall, they're unable to break down the wall and just run into it endlessly.

I have tested these glitches in a few different situations. They seem to just happen randomly, even if I do nothing to change the battle in any way.

Here are some suggestions/ideas too :3

1. Higher FOV for first person view and a more elevated camera in third person view.

2. The option to watch the battle when you die.

3. Local Multiplayer support

4. The ability to save Formations or Buildings for later use