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Full source project (fixed and //-ed)

you can contant me at discord AdyEndre#7784

At scores player position should be reset!

A görgözét tudom, de még így is mehetne messzeb (szerintem)

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Nagyon jó lesz!

Itt van pár dolog amit észrevettem:

A setting-ekben a zene on/off gomb helyett lehetne:

-Slider, a slider értéke = a volume-al

-Checkbox (pipadoboz) true/false

Szerintem a kamera lehetne magasabban/láthatna többet,

az ammo számlló lehetne más színű (és lejebb), mert a fekete falak fölött nem látszik.

- A szövegek a falak alatt vannak!

-A player pedig fölötte (szerintem)  a player jobb ha egy magasságon/layer-en van a falakkal

-A player szerintem lehetne egy kicsit gyorsabb/ vagy lehetne sprint és stamina.

Egyébként nagyon menő, és hajrá!

OST Suggestion:

I'm still waiting

I have the game installed on an external hdd. When I try to run the bat file as normal, it just gives me a permission error: 

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "K:\Games\Hitman 3\Runtime\Framework\tools\", line 59, in <module>
    shutil.copyfile(os.path.join(temp_dir, 'packagedefinition.txt'),
  File "", line 264, in copyfile
PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'K:\\Games\\Hitman 3\\Runtime\\Framework\\tools\\..\\..\\packagedefinition.txt'

When I start the bat in administrator it says the system cannot find the given path. So the way I do it is just open a Admin cmd and then cd into the Framework and then run "tools\thirdparty\python\python.exe tools\" (this is what is in the bat file) and then it works. Very weird

Not bad, you could try improving the movement script, and maybe make some more models for trash, but nice game :)

If you can give me a discord, then sure!

Sorry for late reply, I sent you a friend reuest

If you give me a Discord username I can send you a tutorial that how you can do it ;)

Please give me your discord

Well you see, karlson is a great game, and lot of people tries to make a similar game like that, cuz they like it, and want to play more with it but on other maps, and they don't want to wait for karlson to come out on steam

Also, the lot off errors has to be solved, wich is kind of hard to do, but its possible, I did it too

uTinyRipper is for getting the project files for example textures scenes, so on. And dnSpy is good for getting the ACTUAL code, so you can merge these two. The version he used can be seen in some videos. So good luck man, if you still don't understand I can make a tutorial video for you.

Whats interesting?

its illegal, to get the source for yourself use DnSpy and uUnityRipper

Yes, cuz its illegal, to get the source for yourself use DnSpy and uUnityRipper

you can use DnSpy and uUnityRipper to get the source foryourself

Yes, cuz its illegal, to get the source for yourself use DnSpy and uUnityRipper


Here is the project

here is the FULL unity PROJECT THAT DANI USED:

Here it is with secnes (I modifyed one of them sorry) here you go i created this this is the ACTUAL CODE

No its when colliding with platforms

Infinity jump in air bug sometimes

Nice game enjoyed playing it!

If you want i can build for linux/mac/android

My first ever game jam lol

Wow that was really cool

My guess is snow.

Guess whats the theme of this Jam


Nice game!

Try to add multiplayer to the game. whit photon if you using unity

There is also a checkpoint adn bouncer bug, i trying to fix it but unity is a shit....

I know there is a "jump on lava" bug there I have no idea how to fix it but soon it will be fixed....