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thanks for giving it a shot!

i definitely agree, I believe it’d benefit from more time to develop a more interactive interface or materials set. i do plan to return to the concept over time, hopefully shape it up and clarify the gamepkay. thanks for giving it a shot, and im sorry for any confusion!

sorry to hear that :( thanks for giving it a shot!

Thanks! I don’t have much game programming experience and the time frame was pretty short (i spent 2 of the 3 days occupied with other commitments) BUT I play tons of rpgs and i thought i could do a decent job of balancing the different mechanics in time for submission ☺️

yeah! i got some player feedback that hinting through the bug tables was a substantial barrier to onloading, so, i threw a mini database together in Twine in like an hour. the time consuming part was really inputting every individual bug, the rest was pretty quick/simple.

So fun!!! agh the hitboxes for the lights are DECEPTIVELY small and I overshot the lights several times when first playing. SO fun! I love a little challenge and racing that clock is really cool. Nerve wracking in a fun way. I also love the “play” or “live” options, those were really really funny :D

This was so cute!!! I loved the journal, it definitely helped me out when I got stuck on the black widow. So charming, I could totally see this as a whole bug hunt sim with music and tons more bugs :D Wonderful lil experience. Made my whole day, I love this. Only wish it was longer but, alas, twas a very short Game Jam.

LOVED the bug sound effects, ughck, so crawly! Took me a few tries to figure out the right path to take, too. I say it’s very cute and very fun, especially for the time allotted in the jam!

Would’ve recommended to leave more time for the guy at the beginning to talk, I could hardly catch what he said after 3 times restarting the game (and i’m a speed-reader!). Otherwise a tense, short little game. Loved the bug sound effects and the blood on the walls as you get deeper into the pathway, I would up walking around a LOT without my flashlight on just to be safe :3

I’m getting the same error as @Galexyofthings and @Innarq :( Sounded really fun though!

That login page is a very common confusion from players, you are not dumb! Thank you for trying out the game, I’m glad you were able to try it out even without English as a first language. Glad you thought it was unique!! :D

Okay, Jam’s closed, so i can’t edit this description directly without it being removed from the listing… but this is now my clarifying post/update that the bug base at the top of this page is a SUPPLEMENT to the physical pdf game instructions! this game is played using a deck of cards and 2 dice!

I apologize for any confusion, this is my first ever game, so I didn’t realize it might confuse people to have the BugBase on top and then scroll all the way down for the directions. Thank you all for bearing with!

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?? Did you download the instructions? The BugBase is included as a supplement to help with tallying up bugs in the physical game. I thought for sure I listed the game as a physical game to avoid confusion about that, my bad!

edit: just saw ur edit lol!!im sorry about the confusion!

totally understandable! i find longform minmax resource games fun, but definitely not to everybodys taste haha. can be a little tedious especially if you keep missing the upper point limit for new funding 😅 thanks for trying it out!

Made this zine in 4 hours this afternoon! Thanks for the phenomenal software, I love designing and making zines so much. I can tell this is gonna be my new hobby.

Hey there! Make sure to print your zine as "Actual Size" or "100%", that fixed my issue (which was exactly the same)