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I had to uninstall then reinstall in order to get it to upload the update

Weird, I've never had any issues with any of the other updates

0 for 2 that one didn't work either

Version 0.6 will not load on android

the first fight scene on android doesn't allow you to press any of the attack buttons

I just downloaded the version 7.6 on android and I can't load a previously saved file to continue.  Getting an error message. Only way to play is to completely start over

Pretty good game so far but getting an error code when talking to your roommate the day after meeting laurn in the park. I'm on android

For some reason version 0.5 wouldn't download on Android.  All previous versions were fine, but version 0.5 won't.

So when's the new update coming out? I think u said early March,  it's almost mid March now.

When will the next update be released?

I have all the scenes unlocked except for one, the samantha toilet trouble scene. Anyone know how to unlock it? I cant figure it out. I went through the entire walkthrough and it doesnt mention it at all.