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Truly a nice game!

Actually this is the first horror game I've ever played... and I was really scared sometimes. But I could feel something different, unique. I can't describle that feeling, though quq

I'd like to translate it to Chinese as soon as you carry out the translation.


White light, dark and red light are the main colors of this game. White light helped me much, while dark and red light (and the people) were scaring me out of wits hhh

The jumping (10th) is really unfriendly to me o_o

And about the meaning of this game, it's like an encouragement to me. I'm easily getting depressed these days (but gladly still far away from depression, I think).

And, hope you're alright!

It's quite a nice game! The story is very attractive, and I felt as if I was reading a novel with pictures.

I wonder if I can help translate this game into Chinese (to see what I've missed in game *laugh*). If you need this, please contact me at It'd be better if you can tell me the patterns that the translation should follow to be applied in the game :)