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What are quest and how do you do them?

Literally 5 pets with no ability in battle. There'e prob a reason why you lost. Also crab is terrible late game as you can see they do no damage you should've sold  them for a better pet.

IMO best pet in SAP is Dodo. Holy cow I've wished i used it sooner.

gauntlet is fun if you just pretend astronaut doesnt exist and when it comes you know that alien is going to ruin your entire run. Seriously i cant win gauntlet because of this stupid alien unit just ruining my good units. Solo builds are non existent and balanced teams isnt even enough to counter aliens because they'll always have backup units. And i'm refusing to use astronaut.

rng gaming. nothing else.


Tbh same problem for me too I can only win with ONE specific build which is the one showing right now and even when nerfed it's still the only reliable strat.

They're not that STRONG in fact in my opinion it's one of the weaker strats in this game unless you're talking about turkey fly combo then i guess it's justified? Even then turkey fly isn't that strong it's just one of the better summon strats that exists.

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The left path is just so broken against my type of build. Im kinda just screwed if it took the single only unit im buffing and replaced it with crap stats. Even if I have an even balanced team that just 1 out 5 member just gone and usually i only buff 3 while they'll likely have other backups if the astronaut swaps with one of my weak units. I feel like the left path can be balance with copy instead of swap. The right path is fine i just dont like going against left path.

Gonna say it. Hate the new astronaut.

If you know how to use it it's fucking amazing.

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116 Score on first try. cool.

Add keybinds please :)

Fun game to speedrun. 1:46 PB :)

Dragon OP

Holy shit nearly 4 50/50. I'm so sorry whoever had to face this.

Well someone beat my 69th place.

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Came back to this game again after like a really long time and now got a crazy highscore. Even tho there's only 250 people here some just reposting again in the leaderboards still got 69th on the 2nd try and 81st place on the 1st try.

Was genuinely trying to get a full team of 50/50 in arena that i forgot there was a win limit and destroyed everyone lmao.

idk how you got a 50/50 ant been tryin to get 1 as a meme but always lose. Anyway has anyone gotten a full 50/50 team before cuz the best ive done is 2 50/50 (Bison lv3, and Camel lv3) and a 30/30  lv3 fish. Idk how but im pretty sure i got lucky.

K i'm getting good now. i'm consistently getting wins now all thanks to bison, monkey, and kangaroo.

Why is summoner meta popular? Like it sucks massive ass and never loss to it.

Finished the unit-pedia :D

I literally oneshot entire teams. Manage to stall on 2 trophies somehow and it helped me buff this beast.
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Really easy to win in my opinion and this is coming from a guy who can't barely get 9 wins in super auto pets. I think you should add a expert bot difficulty or a player ranked mode

My pricing is similar to my competitors but my cpu is about 25% better and cheaper BUT no ppl still decided to buy from a worse version of my product more than mine which is about 17% for some reason and reviewers say its TOO pricy when something worse and 50 bucks more expensive than mine  they say its wOrtH the sacrifice. just died again in my hardmode run made it 2005 as soon you commented.

Got to about D1/M8/Y2007. Early game is pretty easy but late game is really hard. In order to create a new product it must cost atleast more than 1 mil no matter how cheap it is and i ran out of loan from the bank also I feel like I spent too much money in marketing since i was also losing a lot of profit. It feels like the game expects you to have 50 mil at this point but the most I got is around 16 mil. Any tips in order to improve my chance of winning?

Also make sure its quality is decent enough to get a good enough review. also im playing on easy idk how much of a difference other difficulties have other than different starting cash.

if you just put your price really high in the beginning like 200$  then go to 99.99$ in the second cpu it makes 2nd cpu look cheap and will sell very high now sell your next couple of of cpus at 80 - 99.99 you will atleast get 300k - 1 mil while still at around 60 - 88 review points. Basicly manipulating ppl.