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Love the colors and the limited color scheme!

I really like the animations! Most of them are very smooth. I'd recommend giving the weapon swings a few extra frames though so that they don't immediately go back to being upright. I'dd also add some highlights to the armor, make 'em look shiny! The weapon wobbling for the death animations is a really nice touch though, and the way cycles are hella smooth! (Great job with the cape flowing for the black knight!)

Just a heads up, to help with motivation and procrastination, I recommend writing dev-logs regularly! It helps keep you accountable so you have something to write about each week/day/whatever!

You should check it out! it's got a very similar vibe to your game! It's made by Notch who also developed Minecraft, and also features randomly generated worlds.

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Game reminds me a lot of Minicraft (Mini, not Mine)! Is that one of the inspirations for the game?

Gotta be careful with Update() man! That's happened to me many times lol.

Curious, in general, how does this work? Does the emulator take transform information like position in the emulated game, and apply it to 3D models that are technically rendered separately?

It may be best for you to localize all of your minor changes and bug fixes to one document! That way people have more to read :)

I just gave the game a whirl earlier. It's really cute! The music also is super chill and gives off a really nice and calming vibe. I noticed that some things like coins have smaller pixels than Lil' Onion, or the platforms he jumps on. If you really wanna go for an authentic pixel aesthetic, I'd make them all the same size pixels. Overall though, I love the cute aesthetic, and lil' onion is super adorable!

Yeah! I'll see if I can separate the two versions, and thanks for your feedback as well! I have noticed that there was an issue where when you hit enemies, they may actually hit you first, if that's what you're referring to, then that has been fixed. I will also consider having a health indicator for the boss. Thanks again the feedback!