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Thank you for your comment and for your interest!

By the way, in case you are interested, we have just published the sequel to the game, Siegius Arena. If you want to take a look above you can find links.

Good afternoon RacerKing! We have been researching and currently it is complicated to edit a flash game. We have tried, but we have not been able (so far) to unlock the third faction. Right now, we don’t have enough time to keep trying, but if all goes well with the studies and all that, surely by summer we will be able to try to continue researching and try to unlock the third faction that everyone loves.

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We just uploaded a new teaser of the android version to our youtube channel, you can check it out via this link: []

It’s just a teaser of 5 seconds (aprox) we don’t show anything important, but you can support us if you want!

Bug fixed!

So.. this is the game from yt shorts


Cool cursor

Also, thanks for all the support for the game

Well, I will think about that, but the audience in gamejolt is nefarious, inexistant.

Well, first, thanks for downloading my game, but the game won’t receive a new update because I spent a lot of time creating the last update, and I don’t call people’s attention much, as if people had stopped being interested in my game.

So, that’s it, maybe in a very far future, if people love enough the game I will make an update, but I don’t think the people will love this game again.

I will say again, thanks a lot for supporting my game and sorry for these bad news.

Hey, hello everyone, today we will get to the point, as you can see in the title, Just Pong, as of today, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY MORE UPDATES, that means, that all the content that I had planned to add, or bugs to fix will not be added .

This is because, after months of working on a huge update that improved the game in terms of gameplay, story and secrets, the update has been totally ignored and compared to other updates it has been a complete failure.

So, in order not to waste my time on mega updates that no one sees, I prefer to stop giving updates to Just Pong, thanks to all of you who were ever interested in the project, see you.




thanks :D the next update will suRprIse yOu T :)


I love it

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Thank you! We’re working on the challenge mode :D

Just Amazing. Good Job, Jakob



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:D thanks

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Jajajajajaj, lo de black Blaze me ha matado de la risa jajajajaja. No, no tiene nada que ver con Minecraft jajajaja. Me alegra que tengas ganas de jugar una versión más avanzada de el juego, yo también, pero por ahora, esto es lo que tengo.


Oh, you again monke

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Ah, one last thing, amazing profile photo, i like it XDD

Yeah, I don’t know when, but I plan to do a remake of Just Pong. In fact I even plan to do “Just Pong Online” where you can play just pong with people online. Of course, this will not work if there are no people playing online… But Yes👍

this… is awesome

Gracias por el comentario a cerca del juego, evidentemente no es un rickroll, no quiero que todos mis cutres juegos sean de rickrolls, aunque se acerca otro :). Aún así, puliré los detalles tranquilos, me he dado cuenta de varios mini Bugs, y los corregiré.

Ahora, acerca de Just Pong, sin dudarlo, tengo continuado mejorar tanto el Gameplay, y optimización del juego, cuando. Por desgracia, tendrás que esperar hasta el verano ya que en esa época tendré más tiempo libre para dedicar a Just Pong. Aún así, hay una actualización que no he llegado a terminar que añade nuevo contenido a el juego, pero vuelvo a decir, necesito pulir muchísimas cosas de el juego, tantas, que sería más fácil empezar otro juego desde cero, como una especie de segunda entrega. Por ahora no lo se, pero cualquier novedad acerca de Just Pong la verás en la página de

ok, he escuchado tu feedback, me alegra recibir críticas constructivas, mejorare el juego en esos aspectos. Si quieres desbloquear el personaje, es por medio de trucos:

1  )Mantén la tecla 0 y la fecha de abajo pulsados al mismo tiempo.

2) Se abrirá una consola. Escribe: theglitchedone

3)Y abras desbloqueado un personaje. Que es uno de mis favoritos.

Por lo demás, créeme que estoy intentando añadir más personajes, y poderes. Y me estoy tomando el tiempo en cambiar el menú, no parare de cambiarlo, hasta que encuentre uno que me agrade. Intentaré mejorar el Gameplay mucho, porque ahora mismo, es aburrido.... 

Por cierto, tú eras el q me apoyo en los demás proyectos?

Uhhh.. Yes, absolutly, i'm working in a new update, but it's huge, so idk when Will be finished, but, on the other Hand, i can confirmate, that soon i Will update the gamejolt version, and new things, to the game's website (a huge amount of Lore). 

summarizing, yes, i Will post a new version. If there are any new thing i Will post It here.

Happy new year

no, xd

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if i had money i would give it to you :|