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Adrish and Anish Game Dev

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Thank you, hope you liked the game!

And surely will watch the series

Thank you so much for review 😃!!

Your absolutely correct I thought to add trail effect  and camera fov but didn't got time to...

I will try to fix it as soon as I get some time.

Thank you

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Thank you very much!!!

😃Loved the review. Really, the music was very short , I also found the same and could not add other sound because it took too much to  for me to make the other six levels.

Will try to fix it soon...

Thank you

Very well , making this in 7 days is quite impossible for me , THE GAME PLAY WAS REALLY GOOOOD!!!!😀😃

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See I think, you got me wrong I am not trying to show that one of us is best. But getting back some review by a person(whether good or bad) would really help.

We don't want prize, rank but, a review would have really helped us...

Sorry for the disturbance.. 

Thank you


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Atleast, there will be 1st 2nd 3rd declaration na?... Just to maintain a feeling of competition among friends 😅😀

Thank you

Sir,  it's kind of vr without headset. 

Thank you for helping

Can we use gyroscope mechanism instead of vr? because i cant test the game in vr....

Hope you guys like it!!