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Whoops, by accident yes. It should be back up now! 

Thanks! When you load a ship do the horizontal lines appear literally every time you load the ship builder from the starmap? Or is it just when you select templates? What operating system are you running on?

The bug with the nebula event should be an easy fix, I'll deal with that now! 

You're amazing at breaking games. The boarder problem seems easy to fix, I'll just make them target walls in situations like that so they eventually break through. As for the rotate part tool crash, that's another bug I've never encountered myself. Does the crash occur when you click the arrows? Or click the part itself? Is there any error messages?

Thanks for your help :) 

Hey again, I've made a few more tweaks and I've recompiled with Game Maker Studio 2 instead of GMS 1.4. My reasoning is that I haven't ever actually gotten any of the error messages you've been getting myself despite play testing extensively so compiling it differently may build the game into an executable that should work as well for as you as it does for me - with no error messages. Hope this works better! 

For sure, sorry about this! The odd thing is I'm having none of these bugs and crashes that other players are having, so I haven't had to fix them. I'll be more thorough in my play testing before I release the next build, which should be in a few hours.

Should be fixed now! Thanks for giving this a shot! :) 

Hey eNt, are you sure the game wasn't paused? You can press space or the pause button to toggle pausing on and off. Then you just need somebody on the pilot seat, and the seats with engines connected to them to move your ship around.

Thanks for giving this a shot!