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Loved it! Emotional yet cosy. Also cool combat system.

Got it in a bundle and finally got around to playing it. Had a lot of fun, really funny! Thanks for including a setting to disable one specific type of humour and ways to skip puzzles/get hints when needed; very useful. 

Thanks for the game, really liked it! Great story, art style and music. Really enjoyed it.

Really interesting atmosphere and story! Played through it three times to see more stuff, loved it!

Loved it! Amazing writing and great characters. Laughed at the commentary when I made coffee. The game filled me with a warm feeling, thanks :)

Didn't expect it to be this fun!

Cute and funny! I enjoyed it. Surprised that I managed to survive on my first try, though perhaps not in the way I would have wanted to...

Very fun!

Played it with my friends, great game! Loved the writing style and humour.

No jumpscares and most of the game is really "calm", yet unnerving. Great horror and smart use of colors!

Really fun, almost surprisingly so. Great music choice.

Really cool game! Got it in the bundle and it was interesting, I liked the humour and commentary.