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Adrian Pereiro

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I love this game, are there multiple endings?

Cool effect, but I downloaded it hopping the get the small fire at the left of the preview, but the file only comes with the fire column :c

I had a fun time playing it

Really chanllenging, good level design :)

I completed it, I really liked the 5 stage :)

I would like special upgrades with cool effects and more types of enemies, always playing agaisn't those squares is boring

I love the music, this game is so beautiful ;-;

Keep making games like this

No, I got bored before, sorry ;-;

Now feels more fair, but a less challenging! hahahah

It's really fun but enemies move too fast and sometimes appear inside you

I like it! there is only some noise when you press 3 keys, but it sounds great :)

It's a good start

Appreciate <3

A mi también me ha gustado tu cangrejo bailarín :>

Encuentrame un artista y yo el perro lo meto sin problemas jejejeje

Es verdad, hay palabras que no pilla bien y ha sido fallo mio, me disculpo ante cualquier molestia que podáis haber tenido

Lo he hecho todo con modelos 3d pasados a spritesheets jajaja 

Muchísimas gracias

Muchas gracias <3

He hecho lo que he podido para explicarlo con tan poco tiempo jajaja 😅

Admito que no queda del todo claro

Gracias tío!

He hecho lo que he podido con las 48 horas, admito que no queda nada claro si no te lees bien las instrucciones de >.<