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I can launch from but it just goes fullscreen and not onto the headset?

Wow so cute and great aesthetic! Amazing look and levels and the witch hands were UwU and the forest floor eyes are on point creepy, and overall very impressed!

I got stuck cause I couldnt give the 50 flowers dood their flowers after I had enough. Agree camera is too swingy.

Overall I am charmed and would love to see more overall and more refinements!

Super cool style and beautiful animation work!

I find the platforming controls to be a little floaty... the momentum follow through makes it hard to jump precisely. After the first save point some of the jumping puzzles feel punishingly hard very early on. Conversely the fighting feels pretty mashy.

Excited to see more work and further refinement. I wanna know more about the smoking brain slime!

charming souls-like rouge-like.
I like the combat... not super tight yet, but has promise...
the proc gen part is kinda dull, but I know it's trendy.

Would like to see more story and hand crafted content hope you keep it up, great job!

Very appealing intro, but X-Box pro controller wouldn't be recognized and keyboard and mouse controls would not be hinted so had no idea what to do. 

Would love to have given it a shot, buit couldn't even walk through the first room... ;____;

Ah! Thank you!

I was able to get it and finish... really lovely~

Also I tried both versions on Windows... no luck.

I seem to get stuck in the second room. I found a YouTube video that shows tape in the deco box, but I just get a message saying "It's already open". Also clicking on the shreds and the torn message gives a confusing double message of "i don't want this garbage" followed by "maybe i can fix this". Am I doing something wrong or did I hit a bug?