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Update more

Update more

Add ghost, Mermaid, Undead female, Half human half plant, Gargoyle female, Wisp female, Water nymph, Real female demon, and I have question. How to make that gay kobald into a real female? Like I saw on the trailer music video above that it have tits and seems a real female is it by malagar or how?

Can you add elf, Undead, Mermaid, Half female half plant, wisp, spirit, ghost, succubus character, and statue female character. Also Humanoid animals

Update more!

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How to make the Gay kobold the pink haired to become a female from gay. Cause I've seen in the trailer video above, that gay can be convert into a female but how? By Valzira? Or Malagar? Obviously not the demon and the mother demon cause I tried those. Still that convertion of that gay pink haired kobold still I don't know on how to magic it

More! Update more! Quick!

Update more! I want more!

More! Update more! More!!!

How to get adeline? Many things not known yet

Keep updating

The game is much complicated and not easy to understand

during boss fights that takes longer to finish while it gets lags and so on crash happens as getting hard lags

I love the game, but hate the game crashes. I love the story tho and waiting for further updates


Who is Sabetha? A new character?. And also can you add a sexy hot nymph female and faun or satyrs female.

Aw shit. That gay wolf awful

Make the update fast!!! I can't wait for story continuation after birth of the naga, cataclysm, and domination

When is the final version or non demo?

Watch my youtube channel Life of Adonivich, I have all women except for the female corpse the impregnated female corpse.

And comment on what mistakes or things did I miss, I need knowledge about this game

How to achieve the scene 3? I've already done the blowjob and the doggy style but not the missionary

How get the corpse woman? I saw on trailer and a glimpses of it commonly be found a the endings. How to get the color black corpse woman that seems impregnated

Why the logic is so hard? And I've got no clues to finish it, the password, the ritual for humanoid cats, sword, and the cat cyka that need lvl 2 affection. Fucking get stocked and gonna give up sooner

Update more pls!!! The ending is you own the lands you conquer all the lands. Then the best decision to make is marry the farm girl only.

When next update blyat?

This game is broke cause when you fail and start over again some choices that appears before won't appear on another round of play. Is this a bug or shit? The choices about kill, abduct and rape doesn't appear anymore after I fail