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Hey man, you did it! glad to see things worked out with this game, I'm buying it today, been looking forward to it for a while

So, I just played a few hours of the demo (I take my time, not sure if that's an inch or a mile by the title's standards) but I love it. Not sure if I should leave feedback here, but a few things I'd like to commend: every character feels distinctly different both in design and conversation, which is always refreshing- each area likewise has a very unique atmosphere, each fitting the intended setting- colors pop, and the details of the world are all well-defined, color-contrast can be hard to nail but you've got it down. Now here's a few things I'd like to request, or maybe suggest? (IDK I never really review like this) For sound design a solid ambient track would be good, something soft and electronic with a few high notes to represent the surprises waiting around every corner- for general interaction, maybe just having a small change in expression or something similar after interacting with a character would be great for immersion, and add just slightly to the idea your actions have an impact on things- for customization it would be interesting to see eye/skin color changes, which I know would be a but more of an ask given the way animations and interactions work in this game, but it would be interesting all the same- Speaking of picking colors, last on my list would be a way to change the color or opacity of the text-box, along with a bit more "Personality" to it, as you spend 99% of the game utilizing it. Maybe a cluster of pixels gathered at the corners, or a subtle crack somewhere.

But frankly, you could completely ignore all of that and I can still confidently say that if the rest of the game is as good as this demo, you're solid Yoplatz. You've got a good grasp of what you're trying to make, how to appeal to your target audience with it, and the good sense to use that information as the foundation for your product. I'd give it a 4.5/5 (only real complaint is the lack of audio, but I'm sure that's in the works) P.S. sorry this got so lengthy.

hey man, that's great to hear, I'm happy your work isn't going to waste

So, how do things look now, dug? been a wile since you posted anything, and I saw the kickstarter didn't meet it's goal. Will you sill meet your late-2018 deadline, or is the project canned? I don't wanna see it go

I mean, what's confusing you here? the free version isn't the whole friggin' game, just a demo.And an old one at that...

So, the question about a release date was last asked here on Itch almost a year ago, and I happened to be checking in on the kickstarter, so I figured I'd let folks know Duggy has marked September 2018 as the estimated delivery time!
So close, yet so far, I know... but I for one am really looking forward to it, and figured I'd leave that little tid-bit for anyone wondering.
Keep up the good work Duggy. Oh, and if you want me to take this comment down, or edit it because that release date's pushed back, just let me know, I totally understand.

Sure thing! essentially the other gameplay you've seen is from various "Builds" the developer has released for patreon supporters to test newly implemented mechanics or characters. like pilot episodes and behind-the-scenes stuff, for a comparison. if you want to try these things for yourself, I suggest supporting the dev if you can. There's plenty of other neat rewards for those that do, and that aside every penny helps. pretty sure I even remember there being talk of  hiring voice actors if there was a certain donation quota met, an the fans have already blasted it out of the water!

Anyway, if you want more info check the other page for the game, it'll tell you all you need to know.

tis but a 20 minute demo, lad.

That's generally what happens when you play a ten minute pre-alpha demo. not gonna downvote you, you're not giving the kind of starry-eyed review the plagues in-dev games and over-hypes them to hell, and some criticism helps. but you shouldn't judge the game so harshly given the circumstances unless you have suggestions. "Helpful criticism" is just that, maybe give it a try.

I think it is, since a slime is like music. You can't cut her, shoot her, hit her or hurt her, but she sure as hell can hurt you. I can't see someone who is literally untouchable having any other kind of personality. that said, I also understand your view. A slime could also be like water, being more of a "Go with the flow" freeloader, with no strong opinions or personality. But put in that context, which makes the more interesting character? besides, the MC sort of fills the "Freeloader" slot already... but in the end, I think the creator wants you to look past their bodies, their features, and just see his characters as "People" We've got an elf who isn't all sunshine and rainbows or particularly bright (Pun Intended) a Cat-girl who isn't a seductress (Gasp, she's actually a retro-nerd! *Thank you!!!*) and a spider who is anything but cold or bloodthirsty, but rather girly and sweet.

It's honestly pretty damn admirable.