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The last upload dont start :(

Expect that in further version too ^^

Love this game. To sad there is so little content. Hope for more! If i had the money i would buy a studio for you, to finish this game :D

For me. the MegaUpload Download worked best. You can find the link above on the page from the dev

Freeze on starting window by me :(

Some suggestion from me for improvements:

- It would be nice if you can delay sales so the developed CPUs developed already and you can put them directly on sale when the previous runs out 

- It would be nice if there where any timeline window so you can see what CPU developments can do in which time or which is standard at the moment. At the moment its mostly very challenging to know if you are before your opponents.

- If possible, maybe can put diffrent markets parallel. So one CPU have opponents on a market (which is already so) and you can another Market with the new CPU already. before the other CPU have to run out?

I like it. It's so true as dev XD