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Og games in one game


Great Game 🌴

omg it's the developer himself 🥺🥺🥺

Really good game, I think you deserve more attention

Thank you for your support of the game and sorry for late response, I hope you liked my game.

Thank you for your greaatt feedback, and yeah I think next jam I will try to upload my games on the web because this antivirus problem.

Thank you for your feedback, yeah this is a glitch I will fix it later but for now you can press r

Forgot to mention the controls:

WASD to move

Space to jump

Click anywhere to change direction of gravity

I like the visual effects of the game and the sound effects, good job!

bro nice game but I can't find the source bro

Yes, the boss fight isn't that great. I tried to add more features to the boss fight but I didn't have the time to do that

Good looking art with a good shooting mechanism!

Thank you for your support of the game, the game didn't have that many levels because I was under pressure making it

Good game with great gun mechanics bro :)

Thank you, I made this game in a game jam so it doesn't have a lot of things in it

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ngl, medusa looking kinda thicc ;)), also nice game keep up 

Nice game with a great presentation. Keep up

Thank you so much for your support ☺️☺️

This game is difficult unless you are a pro gamer like me 

Cool game with a nice art

That's a cool game bro nice job

I appreciate you hard work on the game, I wish you make money out of it.

Also it's impossible to do this jump

They aren't problems, they are some difficulties with the game. The jumping mechanism is so old you could have implemented the more you hold the key the more it jumps until it reaches a number then reset back again to normal. Another thing I wanna say is, the game is kinda low in options you can't pause the game or return to the main menu you have to quit and rejoin the game. That's all I gotta say your game is really cool btw :)

This game is really cool I hope you update it :)

The game is still under developing, more features are going to be added in the future