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Oh I see now. I was clicking on the plates, and it WAS doing something; it just wasn't giving any feedback.

How does cooking work? There were a bunch of plates moving around randomly, and a recipe in the corner; but I couldn't find anything to click or press any buttons, and there was no way to escape, so I had to force close the program.

I did send a new version to my host this morning, but it isn't live yet; I think you're just seeing leftovers from your last game. numPuzzles will be set to whatever you've set it to in the past. As for your other issues, which browser are you using?

dordle community · Replied to tiane in 64dle

Try the Hide Previous Guesses button. Not a perfect solution, I know, but it works for now.

dordle community · Replied to tiane in 64dle

I'm working on that glitch, but for your other problem, in the meantime, try resizing your window? I made the elements scale dynamically, so it fits on most monitors and most phones, but things look cattywampus on especially huge monitors or especially tiny phones. 

Thanks for trying it.

Solving 64 puzzles can become tedious, like you said; that's why I put a numPuzzles slider on the main page. I usually set it to 16.  Maybe I should make that the default setting? That is within my power.

Refreshing the page in the middle of the game shouldn't be a problem; it reloads the ongoing game from a cookie. Do you have security settings getting in the way? (Is there a better way I could implement refresh protection? How does Dordle do it?)

dordle community · Created a new topic 64dle

I've been working on this program for a while now; y'all might enjoy it. Dordle has several blatant copycats (you might have played some of them), but I only show the information that you need to be shown currently. You start with 6 guesses, but you gain one every time you find a word. Finding 64 words in 6 guesses is very doable, but it takes patience. 

This game is great. I haven't bought the full version yet, because I'm waiting for a Steam release - any ETA on that?

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Thanks for the video! I enjoyed watching you learn how to fail less. Yes, it would be nice if we could just mouse-over the enemies to read their attacks; but for now, you can just left-click on the enemy. And yes, a Steam release would be nice. Friends list? Auto-updating? Workshop?