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Thank you, if people will like concept i will try find some time to finish it after gamejam.

Thank you for kind words. I hope you continue your game-development journey.

Оставляем тут свои вопросы и помогаем другим.

No problems, glad you like it. 

This things doesn't work, sorry :c Buildings profits except science info. I think i took too big idea for 48 hours .

Thank you, you can participate in the creation of the game by inventing your own random events.

Yea, its just prototype. Science buildings works in half( can show more info in stats, and give science points). Thank you 😊

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Leave here all errors or bugs you found

You can leave your ideas here

Here you can imagine your random events for game ;)

Ty <3

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I dunno, coz its my first jam. Maybe you need ask jam creator. In my opinion you play same game, but its depend on jam creator choice.

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Thanks :) I build x86 version of the game, but now is voting time for jam,and i can't edit downloads, so here google drive link. After voting time, i update game page.

Hello EV3R4! I am AdmiralSlowpoke, solo programmer thats starts learning Unity few months ago. Before that i created some bots for discord and apps for Android.

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You can leave comments here

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Here you can leave your suggestions

Likes character sounds. There some problem with flickering lines on block sometimes.

Yeah, i just tried rarity system, every time you start game colors may change. I remove light element from particles system, and because of that you saw some glitches 😅

I don't think i could make game in time, so dunno about jam, but anyway thanks about letting me know.

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Yeah, i will put them in keybindings in option screen in next update, ty

There's game object with spotlight.

What graphical preset are you using? If Low or less, then yes lighting and shadow become some sort of ugly😀

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Patch of light? That is flashlight or something different?😅