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I offer to my version ending HL3:

Got it

Changed ending Mark Laydlaw HL3

After the heroes saw what was happening and how the "Alliance" captured other worlds, they decide to share their opinions: destroy the ship or give it to the scholars to study resistance in order to win the alliance. Between Alix and Mossman a fight is fought after which almost does not reach the murder of Mossman, time stops and G-man appears and begins to talk about: "The struggle of the two opinions diverges and creates new consequences, the choice between saving the human race and the fallen ones already means nothing. However, this And there are "Unintended consequences". " Time resumed, Alix was ready to shoot Mossman, but something held her back. Alix falls almost unconscious, at this moment the ship materialized in our universe and Mossman turns off the jump device between space and time. On the ship at that moment, the Resistance squad comes in and on the sub-detachments of the Alliance squad. While the ship began to study, the rebels noted the allied army alliance gradually surrounding the Borey, a major defense begins, "Face to Face." The rebels, led by Freeman, begin to attack the soldiers and equipment of the Alliance using their own technology against them, but the troops are growing bigger, most of the Resistance is broken, and then Kleiner suggests the idea: "Set the date and time before the" Cascade Resonance "happened and move Freeman is in the past, but it will be only 5 minutes later you will come back "yet Freeman goes to this desperate risk, since this may be the only chance of salvation. The "Time Machine" is activated, at that moment the Alliance fails the defense and kills everyone, they are already in the heart of the ship, Freeman jumps and sees Alix, Mossman and others dying at the hands of the Alliance. Freeman flies through time and space, eventually he falls into the test chamber falling before Freeman from prosholy moves Crystal to the center of the device, he takes that same crystal and smashes it on the floor of the camera. The world is saved! The alliance did not seize the land! After that, Freeman begins to move back, but then the G-man appears to him: "Well, Mr. Freeman, you have achieved yours ...."