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When I saw the artstyle, I immediately knew it was inspired by Antichamber. Totally looking forward to the English release so I can play this and be fully immersed.

Interesting hybrid. I agree with Sibbo with the replicator; it gets tedious after a while.

Found it myself. I like experimenting. I also tried 1337 and 6969 but unfortunately those didn't give any funny results. xp

Lovely short. I love the fact that you can call not only the printer but the devil himself. :]


Absolutely mesmerizing. I'd be interested in seeing more options for editing the environment, such as grid snapping for symmetry or a flight path for objects while paused in time.

I hate it! :D

Lovely concept, very addicting. However, I have found myself struggling to find a certain item despite mashing the lever. Can't wait to see what comes next in this game.

Got myself a compatibility problem. My screen is extremely wide and I can't see some of the text, plus there's no clear resolution settings.

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Spoiler warning!

I decided to shut off the game and let her be. :]

No problem dude. I would totally play a longer game with the same premise as this.

Valid art.

If anything, I'd actually consider this a strategy game.

A corrupt take on horror, literally. I like how the only way to see what the anomaly/anomalies look like is to turn around and see for yourself, no death animation directly showing it consuming you or anything.

Yep, definitely NOT the turn I was expecting. You surely had me thinking there was some company promoting their new* tech.

I've been here for years

But I like this place, because

It's the only place.

This game fits well with depressing music. I love it.