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any tips on making the character sprite? I'm struggling with animations and stuff for my metroidvania

i understand.  I'm trying to learn music but the systems are so much harder than just fiddling about with a keyboard.

I'm thinking you could try something like this (any time i put{} everything inside is attached to it

If joypad pressed (B or a, I forget) {

if joypad is pressed (up){

attack item (make an up animation}


not sure how well that would work, but it should check to make sure your pressing both to do the up slash.  may have to check the other way around, as in checking for up first.  could be applied to down as well, but I'm not sure about the pogo.  seriously dude I would pay for an entire game remake lol.  I know its likely not possible to remake the WHOLE game, but a man can dream lol.  if you have  a patreon or anything, id love to contribute to the finishing of this when i get some money, as HK is my favorite game of all time, so to play it on GB is amazing.

this is amazing.  the only things I would work on at least for the demo is the music ( would love to hear gameboy versions of dirtmouth and the main title theme)  and I think I may be of help for slashing up.  let me know if youd like to hear my idea, if you havent tried it that is.

i would love to play this on a Gameboy.  have you ever thought to make this in GB Studio to play on a gameboy emulator, or even print on a flash cart and play it on a real gameboy?

Thats why you get GB Studio, my dude.  its a no programming required game making engine specifically designed to make games that can actually be played on a gameboy.  ive been learning for a while with PixelPete on youtube and its quite easy.

thank you so much! Definitely throwing you some green love when I'm not poor lol

ok there are a lot more than I thought lol.  amazing job.  One question:  which pack has the 4th one down?  id like to turn him into a samurai pls.

thanks mate. I'll probably give it a go then, as there aren't any Great Farm tiles out there, and my art skills are sorely lacking

What are the sizes of the tiles and the sprites?  do you think it would work in GBStudio?

What are the tile sizes?  are the sprites 16X16?  trying to use this in GBStudio

hmm.  i wonder if this would work in GBStudio

are these pictures showing all the tiles?  i was wondering what it includes in the way of nature tiles like trees and the like

oh noice!  I may have to try that someday!

Anything still happening with this project?  I've been dreaming of making something similar.  A spoof of indy called California James.  Looks really good so far, although there's not much to see

Holy pixelated tiddyies, batman!

Not really about the game, but where'd you get that blue and red gba shell?  It's Rad!

thank you so much!  I always dreamed of making a gb farming game.  I'm gonna see if I can do better than the meh harvest moons for GB

i wonder if the unique pixel limit allows this to be used with GBStudio.  if anyone can confirm it will work, that would be great.

is there a rom version of this game?  id love to play it on my GB