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I checked for updates.
Thank you very much!

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Hello, Pita.

I bought this tile set from Gamedevmarket and I am using it for my project.

And here I met a upversion tile.

Can't you provide upversion tiles on the gamedevmarket side?

Do I have to purchase again here to use the upversion set?

Anyway, your tileset is very nice.

Thank you for making a good pack.

Gorgeous! It's a pretty character with high quality. The asset composition is really good, too.
I hope fantasy or SF costume. I'd really like to buy it if put out more costume or character.


OX FIGHTER ver.5 fix note

Fix bug what can't enter stage 9 after clear stage 8 when normal or hard mode.

OX FIGHTER ver.4 fix note

Add .dll(and needs) files

OX FIGHTER ver.3 release note
Fix bug what can not enter stage 9 after atage 8.
Fix mouse input on briefing scene.
Fix game over scene when after viewed ending.
File size optimization.

Thanks and sorry for bug.