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Hi, mini8bits, thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

Merci, ça fait hyper plaisir !
Écrire une autre histoire dans l'univers du Serpent Mère me chauffe bien, donc ça devrait arriver un jour ! J'attends d'avoir la bonne idée pour me lancer :)

Thanks haha! There's a ton of awesome bitsy games out there tho.
I'd love to make something else in this universe. But if it happens, I don't know if it's gonna be something bigger, or even if it's gonna be a game.

Hey there! Big thanks! :) 

Hey there! Here to share my first Bitsy game, a dungeon crawler adventure with a dreamish-nightmarish twist ! 
I used a lot of Image to Bitsy (by ruin) , maybe too much of it uh. Anyway it was nice to be able to make a complete project in under two weeks with an easy to use software. 
You play the role of Queen Unshibaba, ruler of the City of Urk, in her quest for the SnakeMother, an ancient creature whose blood is said to make you immortal...
I hope you'll like it. Enjoy + Take care :)

Salut ! Merci beaucoup de ton commentaire, ça fait chaud au coeur et ça me fait plaisir de voir que ce projet continue à toucher quelques personnes plus d'un an après que je l'ai publié. 
Passe une bonne journée !

I think I understand. Thanks for your reply and clarifying your intentions. It is true that this situation is common and a good bunch of people lived it, so you were probably right to use this imagery, it really makes your game relatable, even if it kind of blurred the message for me.
If you ever explore the question of interspecies perceptions and choices in one of your future works, I'll be glad to give it a look :)

Great execution, beautiful visuals and interesting message.

Yet I am not sure, as it is a bird, isn't it too anthropomorphising to give them readable thoughts, and to project on them a very human-like understanding of their pain and of its cessation ?

If I can't ease the pain of a creature or give them a little comfort, I'd rather leave the creature alone, to not scare them, and i would not kill them as I don't know if they believe that "dead" is better than "in pain but alive". 

I'd definitely consider the option for a human being, whom I can understand, but doing this choice for a creature that probably doesn't think like us, I don't really see this as compassionate ?

Interesting game, anyway. 

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Heya! Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it :)

Super great.  Both melancholic and cute, with well written, organic dialog. And given the short length of your story and the minimal setting, you managed to show an expanded world filled with anecdotes and that's super impressive. 

Love pour twa.

Hi there! Thank you :)

David Lynch meets a goldfish. And then they have a beautiful PSX child. 

Hi! Ten thousand thanks!
I'm really really glad you liked it.